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If your kitchen is currently equipped with a garbage disposal that is under powered or just a little to loud, consider upgrading to a new one. Installing garbage disposer is pretty easy and today’s models operate more smoothly and quietly than the older ones.

Garbage disposals range in power from a third horsepower all the way up to a full house power and you have the option of a continuous feed or a batch feed unit.

Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal – A wall switch controls the continuous feed model and food waste can be fed into it while it’s in operation.

Garbage Disposal Types

Batch Feed Garbage Disposal – A batch feed unit won’t operate unless a cover is placed on the hopper so it is safer.

If you had a larger family or just wanted to do tougher jobs, definitely consider one of the larger more powerful units.  Whichever one you choose though, all have some common parts.

They all have an opening for a discharge tube that allows for the ground up food waste to travel to the drain pipe.  And they all come equipped with an optional opening for your dishwasher to drain through if that’s how your particular system is set up.

Your disposal will also come with a mounting ring that you will need to install under the sink’s drain.  This mounting ring allows you to hang the disposal onto the sink and form a good seal.  Some of the higher end models offer a rubberized collar along the top of the disposal’s housing to help reduce vibration and noise.

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