Waste King 9980 Legend Series 1 HP Continuous Feed Operation Waste Disposer

The pinnacle of home waste disposal units is the Waste King 9980 Legend Series food waste disposer! Even just at a glance, it is easy to see why people flock to purchase this product as an addition to their kitchen. It is the perfect food waste disposal for any and all kitchens needs.

From its sleek designing to its maximum and powerful performance standards the Waste King 9980 is the right fit for you and all of your needs whether they are demanding or average food waste products.

To back up the claims of the product itself, the Waste King 9980 comes equipped with some of the longest warranties in the industry in order to demonstrate the commitment to quality and efficiency.

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Waste King 9980 Legend Features

  • Power: 1 HP.
  • Includes 36” power cord
  • High speed 2800 RPM permanent magnet motor
  • Continuous feed unit
  • Sound insulated for quiet operation
  • Stainless steel, rust free grinding components
  • Can be mounted to competitor flanges
  • Corrosion proof glass filled polyester grinding chamber
  • Professional 3 bolt mount system
  • Overload protector: Manual reset type
  • Safe for properly sized septic tanks

The Waste King 9980 is one of the fastest and quickest installations in the industry. The easy fast mounting system comes with all of the hardware necessary for a zero-hassle installation. There is need to hire a plumber to install this for you, cutting down your overall costs for the purchase! The glass filled polyester grinding chamber is both sturdy and lightweight, for even faster installation and less weight on your sink!

“The Pitbull of disposers!”

We renovated the kitchen and chose this disposer to upgrade the 1/3 hp that we had. It is so much better!

The unit looks great and fits perfectly.

Amazon reviews

Ave Rating:

Worried about the ability of the grinder? The Waste King 9980 is energy efficient and high speed grinder. With 2,600 rotations per minute, the Vortex magnet motor offers more power per pound than most food disposal units on the market!

The stainless steel swivel impellers in the disposal unit reduce the jamming of any food products placed into the unit!   The Waste King 9980 is able to grind anything from coffee grounds and potato peels to pork rib bones and more!

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The removable splash guards also provide easy clean up and less mess keeping things tidy all around. No more cleaning up the splatter and waste left over from grinding your food waste.

The Waste King 9980 is fully backed by a lifetime corrosion warranty; this mean no more worrying about placing acidic liquids or foods into your food waste disposer. The Waste King 9980 also provides a lifetime in-home warranty to further back up their quality to service.

Waste King 9980 Legend Reviews from users

The reviews for this food waste disposer are very positive.  Most found it to be easy to install and quieter than their previous one.  Also noted was how powerful the disposer was.  One reviewer stated the unit is about as powerful and solid as you’ll find anywhere for residential application and called it “The Pitbull of Disposers.”  We found very little that was negative and, in fact there was no rating below four stars.  This, to us, means we can be very happy to recommend it.

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What are you waiting for, don’t just sit there. Go out and get your Waste King 9980 food waste disposer today!

Waste King 9980

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